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March 24th, 2018

Android (ARCore supported Devices)


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Snake in AR is an adaptation of the classic game "Snake" - reloaded in Augmented Reality. It is the first game, which really brings a virtual snake to life in the real world. You play as a foraging serpent, which grows longer and longer with every catched and eaten prey. The rules and gameplay are comparable to the well-known classic game on the old nokia phones. That means, you have to feed your snake, avoid obstacles and try to beat the highscore. But the special highlight in this game is the optical adjustment of the games mood to your surrounding, because the whole gamefield is placed directly in your current environment and it seems like the snake slithers around you.


Everything began probably in the year 2000 when we all played Snake on our old Nokia 3310. We loved that simple game and we played and tried to beat our highscore everywhere. As in the last years lots of remakes, like "slither.io" to mention the most popular one, conquered our smartphones, we became addicted again and the idea of making an adaptation in 3D arose. It was obvious that controlling a realistic looking serpent would be the next logical step in the evolution of the virtual snake, because modern players aren't used to watch just on some moving pixels on the screen anymore, they are familiar with more and more realistic looking game characters. It was also clear, that we can only stand out from the crowd and realize our vision, when we bring the 3D model per Augmented Reality into the real world. This would not only allow a new way of gaming, where the player can adapt his perspective by physically walking around independently to the actual gameplay. Having a little prey hunting serpent slithering around you, would also give the enhanced illusion of a real living snake, what brings the immersion to a new level. Because this is nowadays technically feasible with standard smartphones, we wanted to exploit the full technological potential of those hightech devices combined with one of the most popular games of all times - and retain its very special charm of just feeding and growing a little snake. Motivated by this vision we developed a first prototype. The amazing reactions of the first testers who looked fascinated at the snake (one even told us, he feels like being inside the "pixels" movie with Adam Sandler) showed us that we were on the right track to create an innovative experience of gaming. After a few months of focused working we were happy to release Snake in March 2018 as one of the first Augmented Reality games on Android. With Snake in AR we hope to make a useful contribution to the future of Augmented Reality gaming and we look forward to excite lots of players all over the world.


  • Play with different snakes in tricky labyrinths
  • Beat the highscore to become the best snake charmer in the world
  • Place the snake in the real world and create a mixed reality of virtual and real elements
  • Play on any place in the world - Just take your phone, place the snake on a flat surface in your current environment and start playing


Official Trailer YouTube

Gameplay YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (17MB)


List of ARCore supported Devices
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BBIT-Solutions is an independent software house that primarily develops mobile applications for the Android Operating System. It is currently a one-man business. The firm is best known for releasing Augmented Reality (AR) apps, like SoccAR or Snake. BBIT-Solutions usually tries to support and use the latest state of the art, but in mass markets available, devices and technologies for its apps and games. Some of the games contain Mulitplayer features, based on a special Augmented Reality Multiuser technology, for which the patent is applied.

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Snake in AR Credits

Benjamin Bayer, M.Sc.
Developer and CEO

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